Microbiome Network - Agricultural Soils

Innovative analyzes on the soil microbiome for sustainable agriculture.


Why become a member?

While less than 10% of living organisms in soil can be isolated by conventional identification methods, analysis of the microbiome by DNA sequencing detects all organisms present in the soil. Analysis of the microbiome helps identify and quantify biological indicators. These new indicators combined with physical and chemical indicators can be used by predictive models to define indices of soil productivity, disease risk and carbon sequestration efficiency.

Microbiome analysis is an innovative decision support tool

Join the Microbiome Network and have access to HORUS, the web application that allows you to view detailed analysis results for all your geolocated soil samples within your fields.

Horus allows you to compare the results of analyzes of a field:

  • the results of this field obtained year after year;
  • the results obtained for the other fields of your company;
  • the results obtained for all the fields in the database that share characteristics similar to this field of your company.

The use of HORUS and access to provincial and regional reference data represent a decision support tool in the following agronomic issues:

  • Is soil productivity optimal in areas of the same field?
  • Are they exposed to the same level of disease risk?
  • What is the impact of my cropping systems, my agricultural practices (tillage, types of fertilization, pesticide or biostimulant treatments, etc.) on the soils?

Join the microbiome network and benefit from a complete analysis package

  • You benefit from a 2-year analysis package for 12 soil samples per year.
  • You have access to the HORUS application to view your results and to compare the results of your fields with those of reference soils.
  • You have access to webinars and fact sheets disseminating the highlights and results obtained from microbiome research projects carried out by IRDA and the partners of the Microbiome Network.

Promotional offer (2 years)

Subscription cost to the Microbiome Network: $ 2,000 /year for a period of 2 years.

Microbiome Network Analysis Package included: 12 soil samples/year (Value of $ 4,200).