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Want to be part of a team where your expertise is fully appreciated, and where you get to work in a stimulating environment at the cutting edge of technology? Dreaming of a job where personal fulfilment and accomplishment are part of the corporate culture? Looking to make a difference in the agricultural world?

Then look no further—Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement (IRDA) has it all. Since 1998, IRDA has been contributing to the research and development of a healthy and resource-efficient agriculture sector in Québec. It also encourages the adoption of sustainable and responsible practices. Our various teams conduct research projects related to field crops; berries; air, water, and soil quality; market gardening; and more.

IRDA offers various career opportunities. Our research teams are regularly on the lookout for interns, students, farm workers, lab technicians, and research assistants.



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