IRDA conducts biological, chemical, and physical analyses on a wide variety of samples types, including soil, water, and fertilizers. These analytical services benefit a number of fields, such as phytopathology, microbiology, and the agri-environment.

Biological Analysis Laboratory

Since 2003, the Biological Analysis Laboratory (LAB) has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to conduct potato disease testing in accordance with the latest CFIA-endorsed protocols. IRDA technicians undergo a twice-yearly CFIA certification to ensure the compliance and diagnostic quality of the approved analyses performed at LAB.

For more information, contact Richard Hogue.

Agri-environmental Analysis Laboratory

The Agri-environmental Analysis Laboratory provides physical, chemical, and microbiological analytical services in the following fields:

  • Soil
    • Physical analyses (physical characteristics)
    • Chemical analyses (fertility and environment)
    • Physicochemical analyses (soil science)
    • Enzymatic analyses (soil biology)
  • Plant tissue
    • Chemical analyses (fertility and environment)
  • Water
    • Chemical analyses (fertility and environment)
    • Microbiological analyses
  • Farm fertilizer and compost
    • Physicochemical analyses (fertility and environment)
    • Microbiological analyses

For more information, contact Guylaine Boulianne.

IRDA can develop customized analysis methods to address your needs.