Horus - Visualize. Compare. Take action.

Horus is a new decision support tool. A digital platform allowing producers and agronomists to access their agronomic and soil properties data to measure the impact of agricultural practices.

Within a few years, Horus could be used for all types of crops, but the current database is focused on potato crops.

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The benefits of the Horus digital platform

Visualize your agronomic data and biological and physico-chemical soil properties on a single digital platform.

Compare the data:

  • from one of your fields to other fields of the same propriety for one or more years;
  • to references that take into account all the soils in the database that share similar textural characteristics.

Take action:
better knowledge of soil properties and agronomic variables allows you to make good decisions to maintain and improve field performance while becoming part of a more sustainable agriculture.

The experts behind Horus

Richard Hogue, Researcher - IRDA 
Thomas Jeanne, Research Assistant - IRDA
Arnaud Droit, Professor and Researcher at the CHU de Québec - Université Laval Research Center
Simon Gotty, Research Assistant at CHU de Québec Research Center