Webinar- Technology showcase on irrigation decision support tools

March 10th, 2021

Tensiometers, TDR probes, water balance, hybrid approach and the technologies that accompany them are among the 18 decision support tools (DSTs) in irrigation that were evaluated at IRDA in summer 2020 in various contexts of production.

You are invited to participate in a webinar where you can learn more about the DSTs that have been entrusted to the managers of the showcase.

Activity start at 8:45 - End at 12:00 - Program :

  • Presentations of companies participating in the Showcase
  • What are the families of DSTs?
  • Technical description of the DSTs assessed
  • In which contexts these DSTs have been evaluated
  • The results of the evaluations
  • Discussion

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Production team:
IRDA: Paul Deschênes, Carl Boivin and Jérémie Vallée
MAPAQ: Philippe-Antoine Taillon, Mélissa Gagnon and Bruno Garon
Katy Gaudreault, AgriXpert, Yveline Martin, Pleine Terre and Dany Boudreault, Climax Conseils

This project is funded through the Program Innov’Action Agroalimentaire, under the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture, an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.

Thanks to partners