Compilation of Québec maps

This compilation of Québec maps is, in many respects, the result of various independent studies conducted in Québec by scientists from various disciplines. Its merit lies in the fact that it groups together descriptive and comparative data on the physical and biophysical environment, and contains unpublished documents of general interest.

This broad compilation of maps—which provides an overview of the physical geography, climate, vegetation, soils and their agricultural potential—provides the public with information on the relationships between these various elements, the overlap of studies between these elements, as well as insights on how to best utilize and develop Québec lands and their agricultural potential.

Prepared by Laurent Tardif, agronomist-soil scientist, Ministère de l’Agriculture, 1977.

Agricultural soil categories for arable land in southern Quebec

Map derived from the map of the agricultural soil categories of southern Québec contained in the compilation of Québec maps and data on agricultural land use. The data on the agricultural use of arable land in southern Québec is derived from the eco-forestry maps provided by Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs (MRNFP), 2002.