Daniel Cormier, researcher

Daniel Cormier

Researcher, Ph.D.

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Daniel Cormier (Ph.D.) holds a bachelor's degree in agronomy with a specialization in phytoprotection, along with a minor in organic agriculture. He also earned a doctorate in entomology at McGill University. His thesis topic involved the survey of two parasitoids that attack the eggs of a crop pest and the elucidation of the seasonal and chemical ecology of these natural enemies. Daniel joined IRDA in 1999 and currently works as a fruit crop research entomologist specializing in apple and cranberry production. His research focuses on managing crop pests with new strategies that pose less risk to the environment and human health, in compliance with the Integrated Fruit Production Program. These control strategies include the use of predators, parasitoids, bacteria, viruses, trap cropping, reduced-risk insecticides, bio-insecticides, exclusion nets, as well as mating disruption. He participated in the development and validation of a predictive and interactive bio-climatic model that shows the impact of a phytosanitary treatment on pest populations. Recently Daniel coordinated the Québec-wide implementation of a program to combat the codling moth using mating disruption. He has co-supervised four master's students and three doctoral students, and currently co-directs three graduate students. Daniel has contributed to 39 scientific articles published in international journals, 77 scientific presentations, 105 scientific posters, along with 151 presentations and 35 posters aimed at a non-scientific audience.

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Developing strategies that reduce risks for the environment and human health
  • Managing orchard layouts that encourage biological pest control
  • Using parasitoids and predators for apple crop protection


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