Guide 2.0 to diversified organic market gardening – Collaborative and multimedia reference web platform

Carl Boivin

Researcher, agr., M.Sc.

418 643-2380
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The “Guide 2.0 to diversified organic market gardening” will take the form of an online collaborative reference platform based on a new and freshly revised edition of the “Global management guide for organic and diversified market gardening”. Following its improvement and its revision by small groups of experts, the written and audiovisual content will be gradually integrated into a "wiki" type website from which the members of the community of practice will be able to consult it in addition to commenting and Submit suggestions for changes and additions to assigned officials. This project is the first phase of deployment, namely: 1) the establishment of the web platform; 2) the updating of 2 of the 11 modules (Fertilization and Irrigation) and their integration on the web platform.


  • Update information specific to biodiverse market gardening and expand the approaches covered by revising the “Global management guide for organic and diversified market gardening”.
  • Increase the dissemination and adoption of technical innovations by generating attractive, interactive and evolving content that uses a variety of media (text, image, photo, video, audio) gathered on a wiki-type platform.
  • Facilitate access to and use of existing resources by giving them greater visibility through a tool whose content is categorized and articulated within a structured text.

From 2021 to 2023

Project duration

Market gardening

Activity areas


Volet 3 Innov’Action

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