Sébastien Rougerie-Durocher, Project Manager - Modelling of Cropping Systems

Sébastien Rougerie-Durocher

Project Manager - Modelling of Cropping Systems, M.Sc.

450 653-7368
ext 354

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Sébastien Rougerie-Durocher (M.Sc.), holding a bachelor's degree in atmospheric sciences from the UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), brings a breath of fresh air to the IRDA team with his sought-after skills in meteorological modelling, an essential component in environmental studies. In his current work on apple production, he models the complex interface between apple blossoms and the atmosphere to refine a predictive model for fire blight. He is also responsible for surveying the extensive meteorological data available on the Internet, in order to formulate a model precise enough to provide users across Québec with the most reliable weather variables. Also, Sebastian’s skills are evident in the assistance he provides to the many IRDA projects involved in modelling agricultural practices and natural phenomena.

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