Patrick Brassard, Eng., Ph. D.

Patrick Brassard, research assistant

Patrick Brassard

Researcher in agroenvironmental engineering

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Patrick Brassard holds a bachelor's degree in agri-environmental engineering and a master's degree in agri-food engineering from Laval University. He joined the ranks of IRDA in 2010 when he was starting his master's project on the combustion of agricultural biomass. Patrick completed a Ph.D. in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University in 2017, focusing on pyrolysis and the use of biochar as a soil amendment and carbon sequestration tool. Holder of a grant from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FRQNT), in 2019 he pursued a postdoctoral research internship at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse (France) as part of the Cambioscop project (https: //, which enabled him to acquire expertise on life cycle analysis (LCA).

Patrick now works as a researcher in agri-environmental engineering. His research activities aim to develop processes and tools for sustainable agriculture through the treatment of agricultural effluents and the conversion of by-products into bioenergy (bio-oil, biogas) and bio-products (biochar, biopesticides, biomaterials).

As part of his work, Patrick has also developed expertise in measuring air and water pollutant emissions from various agricultural practices, including manure spreading and slurry treatment.

Related research project(s)

2020-2023 • Livestock production

Biocontaminants emitted into the air during the spreading of swine slurry: biosecurity risk assessment and mitigation on hog farms

Project to limit the spread of disease and improve biosecurity protocols on farms through improved understanding of emissions and alternate spreading techniques.

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Patrick Brassard
Stéphane Godbout
2019-2023 • Livestock production

Fugitive emissions after manure spreading: risk assessment and mitigation

This project addresses the risks posed by the spreading of manure and emissions released into the environment to the biosecurity of farms, as well as to the health of workers and nearby populations.

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Patrick Brassard
Stéphane Godbout


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